Too sharp lenses?

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Re: Too sharp lenses?

I once had a Tamron 90mm 2.8 and found it a tad too sharp for shooting faces.

DeathArrow wrote:

Too sharp lenses? Is there such a thing? Did you ever felt the need of less sharp lenses?

This guy is changing his lens because it's too sharp:

Quting from his description from youtube: "A ‘better’ lens should mean better image quality, but does it? Does a better lens mean better photos? I don’t think it does so I’m testing my Fujinon 18-55 OIS lens against a Fujinon16-55 WR lens that cost over four times as much money to see what the difference is."

Did you find better image quality hurting your photograhy?

I find it a bit weird. I get it if you think you are fine with a certain IQ level, or level of sharpness and don't need anything better. I get it if you are low on cash and have to sell your lens and get a cheaper one. But feeling that degrading IQ is actually better for your photography is kind of weird.

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Knew very little about photography when I decided to buy the awesome Nikon D70; learned quickly that this expensive camera didn't make me a good photographer.

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