Too sharp lenses?

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Re: Too sharp lenses?

DeathArrow wrote:

Too sharp lenses? Is there such a thing? Did you ever felt the need of less sharp lenses?

It depends on the subject. In portraiture excessive sharpness just displays every slight blemish in the skin. Macro lenses are very sharp but can have fussy bokeh when used for non-macro work.

This guy is changing his lens because it's too sharp:

Quting from his description from youtube: "A ‘better’ lens should mean better image quality, but does it? Does a better lens mean better photos? I don’t think it does so I’m testing my Fujinon 18-55 OIS lens against a Fujinon16-55 WR lens that cost over four times as much money to see what the difference is."

Did you find better image quality hurting your photography?

Never. But that, of course, depends on what you mean by "image quality". It is a common mistake to think that the things that are easily measured - especially resolution - are what defines IQ. But that is silly; there are dozens of factors that affect IQ in general, and what is "good" IQ isn't necessarily the same for different pictures.

I find it a bit weird. I get it if you think you are fine with a certain IQ level, or level of sharpness and don't need anything better. I get it if you are low on cash and have to sell your lens and get a cheaper one. But feeling that degrading IQ is actually better for your photography is kind of weird.

That's because you aren't considering IQ in its full range of meanings. What would improve the quality of this picture?

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