Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

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Re: Why cameras like the M are still worth carrying everywhere

fstopx2 wrote:

Thanks for the commentary. The pictures are interesting, you can see that the Canon is better but its not 1000% better.

What? Are you judging IQ on a phone or something? Need glasses?

The reality is that convenience trumps ultimate quality.

Not for everyone.

People that are enthusiasts can talk about this till the cows come home but its not going to matter. The smartphone is good enough

For some. And the problem is here: if someone just shows the camera is 10000% better they come up with: but the phone is good enough. It is always the same moving of the goalpost in this kind of discussions.

If a phone is adequate for you, thats fine. But this doesn't take away the fact a camera is (in this case waaaaaaay)  better, and i am always wondering why people are asking if a camera would be better if they just don't need better. What is the reason for asking these questions?

and its super convenient.

On top of this nobody

In a world with 6 billion people this is always nonsense.

wants to pay for another device that does the same thing as the one in their pocket. AND the will have to carry it.

Remember: the rest of the world is not always the same as you. Some prefer detailed 24Mp output.

Others prefer cheap, being laid back, and having mediocre results. Thats fine. But just don't pretend it's better. It isn't.

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If your facts are different we could save the peace just by calling it copy to copy variation.

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