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Re: I found this response by Miles Green

I'm still coming to grips with  the moving bird problem. My gear is the K-70 with a Sigma 150-500mm.

Firstly I've settled on TAv mode as giving the most consistent results. 1/1500sec @ f/8 is my default most of the time. The shutter-speed to cope with subject movement, the aperture to give an extra degree of focussing leeway and I feel it's a little sharper than wide open.

Metering mode :  multi-segment, significantly helps to cope with expanses of bright sky behind a potentially relatively small bird.

For a static bird, AFS and centre-spot focus. This will also work in many other situations. You need to practice keeping the bird in the centre of the frame if it's moving, but has the advantage of not allowing the shutter to release unless the subject is in focus.

For a flying bird against a plain sky, AFC and 11-spot focus works well provided the subject isn't too far away. Against a cluttered background this configuration will work provided the subject is reasonably close, so the auto-focus sensors aren't "distracted", else use centre-spot AF.

"Back-button focussing" can be useful, but for me I'm not totally comfortable with it ... more practice required (old habits die hard!) ... try it and see, it might suit you well, a lot of people I know use it very successfully.

I've set up my favourite configurations on the U1, U2 and U3 (user mode) settings on the mode switch ... it's a lot easier than diving into menus and control panels to change things when required in a hurry

As with others, I've found that Shake Reduction is probably not necessary at these shutter speeds, having it switched off also saves on battery I also rarely use burst mode, except in circumstances where necessary, as when a bird is feeding in mud/water and I want to get a shot of it with it's head up and it's spending most of it's time head down.

Good luck

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