Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

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Re: Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

Sagittarius wrote:

To be honest, I am not bothered by those rumors at all. They are just rumors, that is all. But if this happens (I expect price to rise some, i.e. for inflation, but not doubled overnight), then I will cross that bridge and look around for what will be available at that time. In a mean time I am enjoying using LR and PS for $9.99/mo (paying annually). My last annual payment has been $89.99/year found on Amazon. BTW I have not found any horrendous messages in the link provided. Typical messages by people having problems.

If a sales person tells you on the phone no guarantees for next year, thats a sign. They are thinking to replace the 10 dollar option for the 20 dollar option, if you want more cloud space or not.

There are only 2 ways of making (more) money:

more people buy your software. I think it's the  opposite...More people are looking for alternatives.

Increase price. hence the 20 dollar option to maintain profits.

One can be a logical step because of the other...Less users, increase of price.

On certain fora quite some people are looking for alternatives to Adobe software. Also professionals...Although the bulk of the professional users probably will continue using Adobe software....

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