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Re: A-Mount

Edit: This was meant to be a reply to Felix

It is a little depressing but conversations I think we need to have.

I think the camera makers need to understand that beyond the current direction they are going, there is still a market for core fundamentalist photographers that desire stills only products. There always has been and always will be.

Look at Leica and the M success! I still think DSLR's are here to stay, perhaps there ought to be more products that court to the more say, classic photographer?

Although the market will continue to adjust, there will always be photographers. There will be a peak for smart phones too (if it hasn't already peaked) and it will all level out at some point. The storm is almost over.

I think the answer lies in more specific markets that are currently untapped for camera makers. They just need to listen to photographers more. They are in great need and desire for simpler more stills centric cameras. You just don't see it much in marketing.

There's definitely a place for all these crazy specc'ed out cameras, but they also create a vacuum behind them for more simplicity. Law of supply and demand, just the way the world works.

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