Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

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My Plugin Library is One Reason I Still Use Photoshop CS6


I bought a bunch of plugins I can only reliably use in Photoshop CS6

Recently, some plugin companies are making their products compatible only with Photoshop CC—the reason I stopped buying them

I wonder what’s preventing other plugin companies from making their products compatible with other photo editing programs?

Toermalijn wrote:

Photoshop's strongpoints are still the plug-in engine en automation features. The rest can be done via alternatives. For some plug-ins I still go to Photoshop, others can't run.

I always use multiple software, since no editor is perfect and they all have their weaknesses and strongpoints...

Of course Adobe won't make compatibility 100%, think of the plug-in engine 3rd party developers are allowed to use. .8bf format. Competition would then be too easy...

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