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johnnyandedgar wrote:

I would use a Gaming notebook with a 1920 x 1080 ips screen.

I'd second this. Currently I'm using the previous generation Dell 7560 with GTX 1050Ti, 16GB RAM. It's a little on the heavy side, about 5.5lbs, but I have no problem carrying it in my backpack everyday.

Both at work and at home, I have an external monitor, mechanical keyboard, and a mouse, so the laptop is just like a desktop, but I can also works on photos at a coffee shop, or waiting at karate. Here's a pic of my desk at work.

I picked a gaming laptop for the powerful GPU, most photography software can make use of the GPU to speed up a lot, especially darktable. Here's a benchmark Phoronix ran a while back:

My friend opted for an XPS 15 with a slightly less powerful GTX 1050, and it works fine for her. Beside the advantage of being lighter and slimmer, the XPS came with a high-quality IPS panel. Mine came with a crappy TN panel, but took me only $58 and 5 minutes to swap in a 100% sRGB IPS panel.

I saw the newer generation Dell 7590 (renamed to G5 and G7) even come with the new RTX 2060. I'm still very happy with mine so probably won't upgrade for a while.

I'd say stick to Dell if you want max performance. I had two HP laptops at work and they often throttle the CPU (badly) due to thermal protection (the heatpipes and fans weren't laid out optimally). Both Dell and HP are really good at customer service, though. Dell even sent a tech to my office to swap the mainboard on the spot when my previous 7420 had a glitchy mousepad.

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