trick for rebuilding lightroom thumbnails

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trick for rebuilding lightroom thumbnails

I recently deleted my lightroom cache to clean up my SSD. My catalog is pretty big, so it would take ages and lots of space to rebuild full previews, which I don't need. However, unlike the import process, an existing catalog has no way to rebuild thumbnails or minimal previews. The grid view is too dumb to read ahead, so scrolling through folders becomes excruciatingly slow.

Here's my simpleminded but effective workaround for this problem:

- Get autohotkey, an open source utility that lets you script keyboard and mouse commands
- Create the following script, mapping <control><pageDown> to a series of page down operations, 30 seconds apart:

Loop, 100 {
Send, {PgDn}
Sleep, 30000

- Run this script, bring lightroom to the front, switch to grid view, and activate <control><pageDown>

The script will then slowly page through all the thumbnails in grid view, forcing them to build. Take the dog for a walk, shoot some pictures, and when you get back, you can scroll through your stuff quickly.

Obviously you can customize the sleep duration and loop length for your own circumstances. Some control structure to facilitate stopping the script would be nice, but really isn't needed because you can do that via the system tray.

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