Upgrade Lenses vs. Changing Systems

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Re: Upgrade Lenses vs. Changing Systems

I think a lot of the struggle we're having is being overwhelmed with so many options and choices and not being absolutely certain as to which one is the best. In reality, I think both of us would be happy with almost any of the choices we're contemplating, and its simply the fear of not choosing something that could be better holding us back from making that final decision. I've recenty settled on an A7ii or (A7iii if my friend is willing to sell to me for a slight discount), with a tamron 28-75 f2.8. This combo covers almost all of my needs in a 1 camera 1 lens package, aside from astrophotography, which is fine because I have still yet to finish aquiring parts and asembling my star tracker. My advice to you would be to look at your needs, look at your budget, and ask yourself what would make you happiest without breaking your wallet. Also, making a pros and cons list and showing it to someone with an unbiased opinion on photography can be helpful. Good luck!

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