GR II Low Light ISO and General Opinions

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Re: GR II Low Light ISO and General Opinions

Harold66 wrote:

JICastle wrote:

In seeking "General Opinions", I was just wondering what others think about the GRII still being a capable camera and why/how.


i have used the GR line for mire than a decade and used extensively the GRI & GRII since they came out. The user interface of the GRII is as good as it gets on a fixed lens camera

when I saw all the downgrades of the user interface on the new model , I bought a GRII back up while they are still around. Now i even have two back up

Haha, nice! That's cool, cuz real world use and handling really does matter, though it can often be an afterthought when tech specs steal our attention.

my advice to you is to buy the grIi and the wide angle converter as soon as you find one at a good price

Thanks for your advice. Do you think a used GRII is ok? I am hesitant d/t possible dust already existing and am leery of buying used electronics in general because I've kinda been conditioned to think that way I guess. Also, does shutter count matter in a situation like this?


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