To ETTR or not to ETTR...?

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Jeepit wrote:

Never had to do this back in the film days; so how important is it now? Do you or don't you ETTR (expose to the right)?



It seems bizarre to me that we have AI that can recognize airplanes and our kids' faces, so many stops of stabilization that the earth's rotation matters, and metering has hardly advanced at all. We're still guessing at ETTR manually from a jpeg histogram and blinkies - which really means that we're often too busy to manage this, and wind up with gray snow.

What I'd like to have is the ability to set a desired clipping threshold (which might normally be 0, but sometimes .01% or something if there are specular highlights), and let the camera do the rest - after all it has better scene info than the EVF conveys.

This might sometimes result in weird-looking brightness, but it would be easy to store an offset in the RAW file so the scene could be rendered more like you'd expect for 18% gray scene average (or just let the display software work that out after the fact).

What about jpeg, you say? Well, yes, if you're throwing away bits, I guess a few irreversible decisions have to be made. But storage is cheap, so how about finally getting serious about something better than jpeg. That way decisions about how best to render the image to look nice can be separated from decisions about how best to capture the data.

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