How to add more memory when limited by MB

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sygnus21 Senior Member • Posts: 1,514
Re: How old is your computer? Is it a laptop?

Robert Zanatta wrote:

sygnus21 wrote:

Robert Zanatta wrote:

Yet there are people running 48GB (6x8GB) on their i7-930 CPU based systems...

Sure they are. And I'm running 4TB (4 x 1TB) on my i9-9900K based system With Windows 10 32-bit installed.

Why bother posting inaccurate information and then try to be funny about it? Doesn't help anyone.

LOL - Talk about inaccurate informationĀ 

If some are running 48gig of memory on an i7-930, I'm certainly running 4TB of memory on my i7-9900KĀ 

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