GR III Highlight-weighted VS Multi-segment....

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Re: GR III Highlight-weighted VS Multi-segment....

smt923 wrote:

MatsAbrahamsson wrote:

Please help me understand what your point is? The high-light-weighted is pretty dull and grey-isch - is that the point?

the point is that it's a metering mode that protects highlights for you, letting you use the exposure compensation as a sort of "highlight retention strength" dial, this way you automatically get metering to protect skys or brightly/directly lit areas and let the shadows fall darker, which is something a lot of people want to do and usually have to either drop the exposure comp by a lot or shoot manual for without this metering mode

I got the general purpose of the function, and it is common to drop exposure to protect highlights. But in this example very few highlights seems blown out in the first place... Instead the function now reduces light in the plant and makes it flat and dull. In my opinion... I am sure it can be a useful setting, I just donĀ“t see it in this example. I would be pleased to see another example though...

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