To ETTR or not to ETTR...?

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Re: To ETTR or not to ETTR...?

I played around with exposure setting on my cameras and found that I can easily add 1.3 stops exposure to everything, and up to 2 stops in some circumstances without worrying about highlight clipping. The only real issue is the viewfinder and back screen previews ( based on jpeg processing) look rubbish! I played around with making a custom picture profile to take account of this but in the end I decided to set "Exposure shift" on my EM1m2 and PenF default metering to +1 for multimode metering. This does most of the job and does not ruin the preview.

I does mean the camera will choose slower shutter speeds or higher ISO when calculating the exposure, but even so, well exposed high ISO images are much easier to work with, and I can always make the deliberate choice to trade off ISO for shutter speed.

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