Upgrade Lenses vs. Changing Systems

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Re: Switching systems on a $1600 budget? Maybe not a good idea

Considering Sony when what you want is lens choice is not the best idea. Apart from EOS M, it's the poorest sub FF system in terms of lens selection. So unless current lens lineup for Sony has all that you will need, I would not go that route.

Ya, I've done a bit more research and narrowed it down to upgrading to nikon D5XXX for the simpler route, or sony FF for the more expensive route.

$1600 is not enough to go FF.

My apologies, should have specified further. 1600 (maybe even up to 2000) is my budget for the camera alone, where I could spend another 1000-1600 on lenses. Essentially, I'm looking for used lenses in the sub $800 range.

Add a 70-200/2.8 on top of that for some sweet telephoto action.

I have an older 70-300 AF lens, but I rarely find myself needing that kind of distance for the stuff I shoot. However, maybe I'd use one more if it was better quality.

So, what kind of lenses do you have in mind?

If i stuck with nikon APS-c, I'd be looking for a 35mm prime for around the house and general street photography.  The sigma 17-55 is definitely good for shooting indoor events where I'm constantly on the move. Maybe a longer lens for better portraits? I'm currently building my own star tracker system (I'm an electrical and cimputer engineering student) to help alleviate the need for a great astrophotography lens.

If I went the sony FF route, I'd be looking at stuff like the 28mm f2, tamron 28-75mm f2.8, sony 85mm f1.8, maybe even the sony 50mm 1.8 since its pretty cheap.

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