Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

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Re: Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

ADW02 wrote:

EE-TV wrote:

The comments on their own official forums are horrendous. People literally in their droves up in arms, helpless, desperate, freaking out about how they have been, and are being, screwed over. Seriously, some of these comments need to be looked at...

You may never see the "company" in the same light again:

This is an excellent post, and I very much appreciate your sending this. From letters like this I think I'm wise to have a backup program in case Adobe does suddenly double its subscription rate for basic photo development.

What I'm beginning to notice is that the Trio of On1 RAW 2019, Luminar 3 and Affinity Photo can do everything Photoshop can do in terms of processing and enhancing photos, and do it without annual subscription costs. Buying these programs is a bit expensive, initially, but if Adobe increases its subscription prices substantially, these one-time fees make sense.

Where Photoshop holds a big advantage over the Trio is in speed and convenience. Photoshop can access Nik, Topaz filters and adjustments, On1 RAW and Luminar 3 quickly and smoothly (I haven't checked to see if it can access Affinity), and when processing is done in these programs they are quickly returned to Photoshop with all developments intact. The Trio just can't do that--yet. But if the Trio can learn to live in the same house, so to speak, Photoshop will be history for me.

Photoshop's strongpoints are still the plug-in engine en automation features. The rest can be done via alternatives. For some plug-ins I still go to Photoshop, others can't run.

I always use multiple software, since no editor is perfect and they all have their weaknesses and strongpoints...

Of course Adobe won't make compatibility 100%, think of the plug-in engine 3rd party developers are allowed to use. .8bf format. Competition would then be too easy...

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