GR II Low Light ISO and General Opinions

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Re: GR II Low Light ISO and General Opinions

JICastle wrote:

In seeking "General Opinions", I was just wondering what others think about the GRII still being a capable camera and why/how.

I think GR2 is a better value than GR3 which has many QC issues for example

GR2 is proven in reliability department at least and has no issues with a possible exception of dust in sensor which is a common issue among collapsible lens design cameras and can be cleaned with nominal fee.

And I believe GR2 has a better interface.

BTW I think Ricoh should discontinue GR3 and launch GR3.1 like Nikon did with D600 and D610.

P.S.: My wish is Ricoh launch GR4 with 24 MP sensor and better AF implementation in GR2 body minus nonsense stuff like preprocessor, IBIS, touchscreen etc.

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