To ETTR or not to ETTR...?

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Re: Better ETTL

TomFid wrote:

Adielle wrote:

Clipping / squeezing highlights is the worst thing to do in MFT as far as I've seen. True for GX8, E-M1 and G6, so I'd expect it to be similar in other models. Far better to be careful and slightly underexpose than to overexpose.

Clipping is certainly worse than underexposure, because you can't get it back.

However, when shooting raw, I find that I rarely if ever clip, but relatively often wish I'd given something a little more exposure. When you bang the histogram to the right, there's still some headroom in the raw file. So I do try to ETTR.

Some headroom, yes, often far too little to give a decent result. When highlights are not squeezed, much better results.

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