How to add more memory when limited by MB

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Re: How to add more memory when limited by MB

Thr point being, max mem aside, the supported density is also a factor, the mobo may not give you access to the full potential of the CPU (there is no separate controller) or the manual of the mobo/computer might not factor in more modern configurations.

The 8Mb module from Intel is a bug, AMD cpu's from the same period don't have the problem. Case in point, my old E531 laptop has two slots, 8GB max module size. So nothing above 16GB, even though the CPU can handle 32GB. If that had been an AMD, I could have added 2x 16GB. It is not a bug that is well known, but it is there, and I've run into it.

Sometimes it works the other way around, as my X61 example shows. It does support the intel max of 8GB, but lenovo documentation says it is just 4GB.

So the max mem in the computer is tricky as there are edge cases. And if you don't understand it fully, then stick to the documentation.

In all cases you need to match the memory to the circuitry, so DDR3 and DDR4 won't mix. Why mention that?

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