Linux PSA: Ubuntu release cycle has changed

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Re: Linux PSA: Ubuntu release cycle has changed

Billiam29 wrote:

Those of you who follow Linux more closely than I do may have been aware of this for some time. I just learned about this today and thought I would drop a note about it here as a courtesy.

It used to be that the xx.04 April releases of Ubuntu were long term support (LTS) and the xx.10 October releases were interim releases with short support periods. That has changed beginning with the recently released 19.04. It is not an LTS release. 19.10 will not be LTS either. The next LTS release won’t be until version 20.04 in April/May of 2020. So if you want an LTS release any time before then you should go with 18.04 which appears to have LTS support through fall of 2020.

I believe relatively few people here, if any, run plain vanilla Ubuntu. But we definitely have folks running Mint, Kubuntu, and other Ubuntu-based distros so this is certainly relevant even if it happens to be one step removed.

I don't believe there is any change in release cycle for Ubuntu LTS releases.  I think the only change is in how this information is presented on the updated websites for Ubuntu,  Xubuntu, etc.

The past Ubuntu LTS releases were the xx.04 releases on the even years and were 2 years apart.  This is reflected in the link you referenced - the older Ubuntu LTS releases are shown as 10.04, 12,04, 14.04, and 16.04.

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