How to add more memory when limited by MB

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Re: How to add more memory when limited by MB

Tom_N wrote:

sygnus21 wrote:

Chris wrote:

However, there are situations when this is not entirely true. Sometimes, the larger capacity didn't exist at the time, so the board can take larger modules. On modern boards, there is no separate memory controller, it's the CPU that has that controller. So if you check the cpu specs (For intel, check the ARK ), you might be surprised.

You still can not overcome the CPU's memory controller on how much memory it can handle. If a CPU can only handle 24gig.... no matter the module density, it's still 24gig.

By definition, you cannot overcome true hardware limitations. However, sometimes manufacturers are conservative about specifications. E.g., they will say that the system has a maximum capacity of 16 GB of RAM, when the real maximum is 32 GB.

That argument makes no sense where RAM is concerned. At any rate, you can argue with Intel. I'm going by experience, knowledge, and the processor spec sheet stating max RAM. And unlike overclocking speed this is a firm number. But again, you can argue with Intel.


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