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Thanks, I did read that and also about 20 other review sites about all laptops that I listed. Problem is there is some margin of inconsistency like xps 13 have best brightness and on other it doesnt have. Or some say zenbook auffers from trothle but others praise its dual fan design. And some say that it doesnt matter if you have dedicated graphic card for photo editing(lightroom, photoshop) and others give advantage to one with dedicated card for photo editing. Because of things like that I ended up confused and I thought it is best to ask ypu guys who already have some sort of experience. I was certain to buy xps 13 because people praised it for being more capable with i7 8565U abd 16gb ddr3 than zenbook with i7 8750h with 16gb ddr4. And then I yesterday saw some guy  that said it started throttling. So I am confused. Other than that every one some like safe bet espe ially because I am coming from zenbook ux303 from 2015

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