WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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Re: WOW.... The new imac 2019 is Awesome!

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In the process now of migration of external HD's to a newer HD. I have time machine and Backblaze and external HD back ups.

The 5K monitor so for me I am going from a late 2012 iMac to a early 2019 iMac the screen is just amazing


FYI that is a Apple nit pick. Only one USB to lighting cable in the box to charge up the keyboard and in my case track pad. So both can be bluetooth and charged with said cable. I will say it is nice not to bother with AA batteries in the trackpad anymore. My nit pick is maybe they give you the cables needed in an a la cart scenario. Good if you have them but they should tell you and at least FYI in the box details. SO for new users you may want a second lighting to USB cable.

I also installed my own RAM, very very easy to do. I bought it with 8gb and maxed it out with my own RAM

Just curious. Still satisfied with your new iMac 2019?

Yes!! Not like I am going to sell it for a different Mac or switch to PC (meant with humor and fun). This is my 3rd iMac since I switched (happily) from Dell back in 2002 or so. My first was a 21" and this is my second 27" monitor and would never go back to anything smaller. I sold my old Mac back to Apple got $300 for it applied to this newer iMac as a refund to me..

One big thing is I have more space no more separate tower taking up floor or desk top real-estate

I am happy with my 2019 loaded up with 128GB of OWC ram. Was 95% as happy with my 2017 but it had problems. It certainly is not worth upgrading unless you can make use of multi core processing.

What I need more than anything is apple software people who use the machines and can fix all the quirks with real world usage. Too many to list but I want to pull my hair out with the bone headed ways they have you doing things.

They simply do not use the machines they write the operating systems and software for.

Mail crashes so often on all three of my Mac's when double clicking a folder in iCloud or on a SSD external to open it up and sent an attachment because it attached the entire folder 35GB and crashed mail almost every time.

Add a bookmark to the toolbar favorites and it now goes to the end requiring you to go in an show all bookmarks, then scroll all the way to the end and manual move it to the front or where you want it instead of the front like before.

Fifteen other equally frustrating items, extra key stokes, mouse clicks the machines need to get out of our way not hinder productivity because some millennial geek writes code but does not understand how they are used in the real world.

Windows closing when you do not close them is also high on my list of frustratations and why we cannot have multiple docs open in many of the programs like Office and safari allows.

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