Why do people shoot landscape photos with a high f-number?

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Re: They might like to get sharper images

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Most landscape photography is done with wide-angle lenses, for example a 24mm lens on a full frame camera.

Using a simple DoF calculator online you can find that using a 24mm lens, on f/5.6, one can achieve focus from anything 1.7 meters away to infinity.
Even f/1.4, with the same lens, would give focus from anything 6.8 meters away to infinity.

That is true for the conventional definition of depth of field which is based on a circle of confusion that is around 1/1500th of the image diagonal.

That's not the definition of DoF. It is a standard of comparison of DoF between images.

Of course, the correct number is not 1500 but 1730. In Zeiss we trust:


Seriously though, there is no the defenition of DoF. DoF is whatever Chuck Norris says it is.

To the OP. If you print A3 rather than A4, you might want to stop one stop down from what your DoF calculator is telling you. You might not. It is up to you.

Bryan Peterson in his book "Understanding exposure" encourages people to shoot lanscapes at f/22, so he is responsible for some people not worrying about diffraction.

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