Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

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Re: Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

danski0224 wrote:

I'd guess that the PDAF chip based auto focus is a mature technology, pretty much introduced at the consumer level in 1985 with the Canon EOS system.

I'd guess that not many sensor based AF systems can match even film camera AF going back to the earliest EOS cameras.

Recent developments like the Sony A9 can run with the best pro cameras.

Yes, they can, and that is because the Sony A9 has on-chip PDAF. Why can't Sigma improve their firmware, so the on-chip PDAF works better, faster, and for all their lenses? I wonder.

I've been thinking they should be able to put in the software an "SD15 simulation mode" for auto-focus. Then all the lenses would work just fine, or at least as well as they do on the SD15. I doubt we'll see it, but I think that's probably something Sigma could do, if they want to. It shouldn't be too difficult for them to make the camera capable of recognizing what lens it is, and then using one of half a dozen auto-focus profiles for older lenses, which that lens will auto-focus best with. I guess it all depends on whether Sigma has been getting the sales they hoped for though. If so, then I would think it might make sense for them to do it even now. If not, then presumably they have decided not to do any more development work on the SA-mount cameras.

I think that since it's going to be another year before we can get the full-frame camera, it might make sense to do a little more development of the current flagship mirrorless cameras . . . as an experiment, if nothing else. Of course they may have experimented a lot with the SD Quattro H behind the scenes, but decided the firmware the public gets to use should remain as is, because their customizations may cause problems here and there. Wouldn't it be cool if Sigma could squeeze out a bit more performance from the current cameras though a couple more updates of the firmware over the next few months? I would surely welcome it.

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