P30Pro Milky Way, Sunrise and random musings

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Re: P30Pro Milky Way, Sunrise and random musings

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I don’t understand why it matters if the shutter closes for brief intervals over the 30 second period?

What is the practical consequence of that behavior? Or is it purely a benefit (avoiding blowouts, allowing stacking,)? Light trails having “gaps” is all I can think of.

A single exposure has lower noise than numerous stacked shots. That said, good results can be had from either.

Wouldn't noise be the same, given that noise is a function of the total number of photons “counted”?

You can just as accurately measure a volume of water using a many scoops in a small measuring cup, as you can measure it using a five gallon bucket?

Doesn't work that way. Stacked photos have higher noise...about 1.4 times.

Isn't the purpose of stacking in many cases is to reduce noise? With stacking one can employ 'median blending'.

Single exposures from say a Google phone or any smartphone in low light will be crazy noisy as it depends on a small sensor and super high iso, especially for quick shutter shots,

I am not sure about this but i think stacking works better reducing noise on a properly exposed image. e.g 20 x 20 sec exposures rather than trying to increase exposure. 100 x 4 sec exposures.

This is the reason why dedicated astrophotographers employ tracking and cooling devices on their cameras to expose for as long and with as many images as possible and stack them in post.

Anyone with better knowledge of this please correct me if i'm wrong.

I think photography in general works better if one has the 'luxury' of properly exposing with a proper shutter speed at minimal iso where noise is minimized..........and tripods with static subjects and tracking devices allows this, to extend shutter and reduce iso, and reduce eliminate trailing....or phones that  do a great job in aligning stacks like Huawei, Pixel, Cortex with 1 click.

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