Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

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Re: Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

I use both the 30 MM 1.4 Art and the 17-50  2.8 OS lens on my sdQ.

The 30 Art lens works perfectly, of course.

The 17-50 works well enough, unless there are different depths to focus on in the focus area- meaning apparently within the focus box. Or so it seems.

My solution, based on a number of test shots and images, and some advice/suggestions from other users, is to use the smallest focus box. This worked in all of my recent test images.

Does it work in the real world? I think so.

The issue seems, in effect, like the camera looks at the entire focus area and gets somehow confused. Plainly, the camera isn't smart enough to know what you want to focus on within that box. (Only slightly an attempt at humor...)

Clearly having the camera not "see" anything other than the exact area you want in focus "should" reduce that issue, if that is indeed the issue. Assuming that the smaller focus box is effective in setting the area to be in focus.

Now, I use focus peaking, and the area in focus is outlined in red. This is not entirely helpful with AF on the 17-50, at least from what I have seen, with the large focus box. Maybe I am not using that feature properly or it is some other sort of operator error.

When in focus the 17-50 is quite "sharp" and a good match for the sdQ.

Whether this is an issue with the lens or the camera is a moot point, as I see it. I would prefer not to have to use manual focus.


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