Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

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Re: Using non-Global Vision (preferred) Sigma lenses - on SD Quattro Mirrorless cameras.

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Yeah, mine are older lenses because I can't afford those pricey GV lenses! About half of the shots I take are slightly out of focus using DC and DG lenses.

The thing (one of them anyways) - - that bugs me - is the lens mounted on the SD Quattro - using AF - throughout the different AF focus point sizes - ALL with "BEEP" - turn the AF box "Green" as to confirm in focus.

Take the shot - then to find it was NOT in focus.

Hence - how can the camera's AF system be "getting things wrong"?

I think it might be then, as I am trying to understand and learn about this issue where the lens focusing WIDE open aperture - IN FOCUS - then closes the aperture - to the aperture setting - this might be causing the issues?

Guess not any "fix" or viable work around solutions?


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Ed do you have the latest firmware in your camera? If so, then all I can say is your lens (es) just can't be focused reliably by the SD Quattro, and at this point that's unlikely to change. I don't see Sigma fixing the problem. I hope they do, because I believe it's just a matter of "tuning" the software . . . but I doubt they will update the firmware again. They're abandoning the mount, and I think they're going to dedicate their resources to making the new camera the best it can be.

If that is the final "conclusion" - seeing I do not plan on purchasing a used SD1M (Merrill) to use these lenses - then next step - Sell the lenses.


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Well Ed, my lenses all seem to auto-focus better on my SD Quattro H than on my SD1 Merrill, so I don't think an older camera is the solution. Have you tried the 60-600 yet? That thing's the cat's meow! I think you should sell everything else and get one.

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