Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

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Re: Am I wise not to trust Adobe entirely?

ADW02 wrote:

maccam wrote:

I just received email from Adobe telling me that my photography plan will renew in June for $9.99/month. So at least in my case it will cost the same. I live in the US.


That's very good to know, and I can only hope that in March 2020 that will hold true. I also live un the U.S. At this point it's really difficult to know how true rumors are, or what actual information those rumors are based on. If my subscription package remains the same, or close to the same, I'll stick with Adobe. And as another poster said, a person never really knows for sure what software will stay in business and which will fold. I don't think I'm sticking my neck out when I say it's pretty certain that Adobe is not going to be a software casualty.

Rumors start with sites like PetapPixel putting out a blog with the title "Adobe’s $10 Photography Plan Gone from Site: Cheapest is $20/Month" which was only for one day and a test for "some" new customers only. Then all the people who really want it to happen so they can say I told you so or get some of Adobe's business came out and played it for as long as they could. That is what happens with successful companies like Microsoft, etc. You are on top of the hit list. At least DPreview's title had the word "Test" in it but it didn't make much difference.

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