From Photo Life -- Comparison of Nikon Mt 24-70 lenses

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Re: From Photo Life -- Comparison of Nikon Mt 24-70 lenses

The new Nikon 24-70 VR seems to catch alot of flack. I think it's a good lens, but at the price Nikon is asking for it, I can see why people go for a cheaper 24-70.

I personally have the "G" version. It's crazy sharp as I use it for events and portrait photography, as well as general my family. I never really paid much attention to the whole "corners" stuff. I think LR has great lens corrections.

Nikon should have pulled the same move they did with the 70-200 VRII - completely discontinue the "G" version and force people into the "E" version at a much higher price.

They haven't done that though so I guess they are selling good amounts of the G and E versions of the 24-70 at price points to fit their customer's budgets.

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