How to add more memory when limited by MB

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How old is your computer? Is it a laptop?

Space the final frontier wrote:

I have maxed out the amount of memory (16 GB) allowed by the MB. There were times when I needed more. Is there a way to add more? Or a new computer is the only solution.

Do you mean the maximum memory that the main board can take is only 16GB? You mean you now have 4GB modules x 4 pieces in the MB? Or you have 2x8GB and your MB only has 2 slots and each slot can only take 8GB sticks? That's hard to believe. Even an old computer of mine using the i7 930 cpu can take 64GB max with 4 slots.

Sounds like you are talking about laptop. And in the case of laptops, I'm afraid you will need to buy a new one, usually those workstation laptops can house 32GB - 64GB.

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