Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: Canon EOS RP+R keeper FF sales #1+#2 in Japan (Sony A7III = #1 FF dumper (buy+dump)

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I don't get your logic - this is a small number of users, so what is really the point in getting these to transition while the rest massively switch to Sony?

  • the trend is Sony A7III is the #1 dumped FF MILC on record

This shows used sales not dumps, it’s still being sold, just in used form.

  • the nosedive data is HALF the data (includes reselling used A7III dumped en-masse in record numbers = double dipping) for an FF MILC, the used A7III numbers outnumber ALL other used dcam models (FF + APSC + m43)
  • no other 2018 NEW model is listed in record USED numbers, except Sony A7III, it's the ONLY FF MILC model to ever be dumped so fast WITHIN the SAME YEAR it was released (11 = under 12 months).

Obviously it has far more used bodies out there because it’s older... it’s not rocket science

Canon EOS RP+R keeper FF sales #1+#2 in Japan (March 2019)

has nothing to do with whether or not they’ll keep it.

  • sure it does.
  • vast majority of "early buyers" are those who have DUMPED A7III en-masse for EOS RP! who else would generate MORE FF EOS RP NEW sales (#1) than FF A7III NEW sales (#2)? Ex-Sony A7III owners! or "not so needy" buyers = Canon users?
  • those that keep their cameras don't resell early.
  • those that DUMP their cameras early, resell early (flood the market; compete with new inventory sales)

Just a new purchase. You can’t even buy the RP used because there are none available at this point.

  • sure there are:
  • EOS RP available since mid-March; RP is #1 FF in March (new) sales. only HALF of March, it's already above #2 A7III (new)

(Sony A7III = #1 FF dumper (buy+dump) sales (repeat buy of any one camera unit = doubles the sale of any single unit) March 2019.

it's obvious those dumping Sony FF A7III (in 2018+2019) in record numbers are massively switching to Canon FF MILCs: 2019 EOS RP or 2018 EOS R

how is that obvious?

  • omitting the data i've shown doesn't help your case (not sure why what i show is being deleted)

Some are doing that for sure, but some are probably buying Nikons or A9s or A7riiis.

  • some? not even some!
  • A9/A7RIII doesn’t even register!
  • only Nikon Z6 registers; no Nikon Z7.

You are assuming a ton here.

  • nothing to assume, when looking at ALL data
  • others are making BIG assumptions with only HALF "purported nosedive" data

Fact is, I buy stuff used all the time. Doesn’t mean I want t less, just means I want a deal.

  • that's you.
  • i never buy used. never.

The fact that there are tons more used Canon Ef 70-200 f2.8 ii lenses out there than version iii doesn’t mean the ii is worse, it’s jsut been out longer

  • FACT: there TONS more USED NEW Sony A7III (#1) than ALL other USED FF cameras (ALL MFRS) on sale, including A7II (#2)

Japan is predominantly Canon buyer/keeper/users territory.


reposted again: (just in case you missed it last time)

2019 MARCH REAL Data (All: New vs Used) Rankings (= no double counting!)

[you deleted it!] WHY?

where are you getting your data, PM me if you don't want to make it public.

it's public.


here it is, again:

you're welcome.

plus, to gain insights into trending japan JDM market, look here: 7-d&geo=JP&q=EOS Kiss M,EOS R,EOS RP,ニコン Z6,Sony A7III

the trends are certainly interesting but it really depends on search terms.

I missed the fact that you included mapcamera before. Yes I know about them in the past, I was curious if you had access or knew of data that I didn't know about

I do find the fact that Sony A7 III is high on the resale list very strange.

I'm going to write more about that this month when MAP releases its new list for April.

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