need focus stacking help X-T2

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Re: need focus stacking help X-T2

David Mintzer wrote:

Montanawildlives wrote:

David Mintzer wrote:

Mo Kwart wrote:

David, How many shots would you take for a flower like mine above?

Mo, hard to say--because the flower is kind of posed on a diagonal---I figure I could get away with maybe 5 and get a similar result. By the way, it looks great!

5 seems like a small number for this type of picture. What aperture? I suppose you have to be closed down way past the sharpest spot on your lens to do it in five photos.

Let me see if I can get an example for you when I get home. Hold a second--I found one on my laptop.

F11, Flash, SixPhotos stacked in PS

Nice shot.  Since we are discussing technique, a few questions:

1. Is this staged indoors?  I'm wondering about the background.  To me, in the field one of the biggest advantage of automatic focus bracketing and creating 50 or so shots to stack is the ability to use f2.8 or f4, totally blurring the background in a way that you usually can't with f11.  But, if this is taken indoors then you can set up the background anyway you want and not worry about it.

2. How big is this flower?  The closer we get, the more shots are needed so I am wondering if this was shot at 1:3 or 1:4 or something rather than 1:1 or 1:2.

I'm just trying to figure out why 5 or 6 shots would be totally inadequate for my shots but works for you.  Studio shots and/or not close to 1:1 would explain part of it.

OTOH, I am with you in one sense--I think that Fuji's focus bracketing generally produces too many shots, which is why I use step = 10 always to reduce that number somewhat.  I can imagine that for a 1:1 shot of a sensor-sized flower shot at 2.8 and step = 1 (all things that increase the number of pics needed), Fuji would probably produce 500 images!

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