Video card RAM for Lightroom?

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Re: Video card RAM for Lightroom?

TwoMetreBill wrote:

Thought about a GTX card but then the color depth drops to 8 bit. Kind of silly to run 10 bit monitors on a 8 bit card. Based on your explanation, not much point in upgrading from my Quadro K1200 for better performance. My guess is that the primary benefit would be the higher memory bandwidth. Think I'll buy a lens instead.



You are mistaken - LR does not utilize and support 10bit GPU output - there is NO difference in using a Quadro vs. a GTX when using LR in terms of output color depth.

Only Photoshop has support for doing full 10Bit output, and even that is a little “finicky” to set up and use.

Lightroom uses a different output technology called color dithering where it flips the color of each pixel many times a second to trick the human eye. This technology - when done by the calibrated software and not the monitor - is so good that apparantly it’s impossible to tell apart from 10bit output. This quality is the reason that no other photosoftware stack has shown interest in doing real 10bit output. To many complications for no visible difference...

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