Infra red photography and photochromic lenses.

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Re: Infra red photography and photochromic lenses.

Thank you for your reply Bernard, I think your last paragraph explains it, though I have to admit, the link was way above my head!

I hope these images clarify what I noticed and I just wondered why. Please no critiques on the images, the object of this post was to query the ability to see her eyes through the photochromic lens in the glasses when using the infra red camera. That 'phenomena' is what I wanted to try and understand.

These are cropped images and the white balance was set during RAW conversion, post image, on the tree's leaves behind her.

I must say, I didn't notice her eyes while composing the I/R image, (because she wears those annoying glasses all the time, I get accustomed to them not being visible!) Guess I'll be using infra red to create images of her a lot more frequently!

Image created on a Sony RX1Rii

Later the same day, image created on a full spectrum infra red converted Sony A6000 with 720 nm filter attached to the lens

The same  A6000 image after channel swapping.

The same A6000 infra red image converted to b+w in channel mixing. (Contrast and brightness adjusted).

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