Monitor Help! Please !!

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Monitor Help! Please !!

Hi All,

I could really do with some help.

I run a D800 via Lightroom and a 35mm Nikon Scanner. I shoot RAW and scan film as large 130mb Tiff files. My PC is approx. 9 years old and was a good one in its day - the graphics card is a GTX285 1GB and can output HD 1900x1080 via HDMI.

I'm looking for a new monitor as have been using an old HP monitor for years. I do realise that my PC could do with an upgrade, but I realistically have an absolute maximum of £500 now - and have decided to put that towards the monitor. The PC is working well and is still fast and handles lightroom no probs.

I want to improve the picture quality - colour important (could live with 100% RGB vs 100% Adobe), but image sharpness and clarity are my prime needs.  Space limitations mean a 24inch.

My options are

1) Cheaper Eizo Flexscan - something like the EV2450. HD resolution and RGB.

2) Dearer Eizo Colouredge 2420 - has 100% Adobe, HD. This would be slightly more than I can afford (and justify to be honest).

3) Dell Ultrasharp or Benq.

4) NEC - but unsure which one

5) Entry level 4k - if I can find one that's not too much bigger than a 24".

I am drawn to the Eizo Flexcan EV2450 - my problem is that they don't seem to market models other than the Colouredge CS and CG towards the photographer. They talk about minimising eye strain with the Flexscan.

Any ideas? Again, picture quality and clarity at key vs colour accuracy / adobe.



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