Having to play mechanic with Windows and Adobe CC server apps

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Having to play mechanic with Windows and Adobe CC server apps

With the Windows operating systems that I have used for the past 36 years I am constantly reminded of how feeble a design it is and how much is expected of users. To me it is like automobile owners at the turn of the last century who needed to be mechanics and set the choke and throttle and spark advance and turn a hand crank to start the engine and do frequent maintenance to keep it running.

When I started using the Mac operating system I could see that Jobs took a radically different approach because although more of a technical geek than Gates could ever hope to be, he knew that most users of personal computers did not want to play around under the hood.

I ran the Photoshop CC update today and it generated this message:

CEPHtmlEngine.exe No Disk
There is not disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive\device\HHarddisk2\DR2

and CC failed to boot.

I found this fix of sorts on the Adobe website which begs the question that if they have known about the buggy code for more than a year, why they have not bothered to fix it.


Instead the clowns at Adobe want their customers to use the Regedit application and make changes to the Windows Registry.

Can you imagine having a problem with your automobile not starting and having the manufacturer email you directions on how to do the repairs and which tools to use and expect you to have the tools and to roll up your sleeves and do the repair yourself.

Unfortunately Microsoft and Gates and the people at Adobe have  gotten away with this type of behavior and poor product engineering for decades. Nothing like having a virtual monopoly to allow company owners to coast and milk their cash cows.

This is why I cancelled my CC subscription despite Adobe giving me a 2 month free extension. It is not worth the grief when there are more stable programs available. It is also why my company still uses Windows 7 on all its computers and the only viable migration will be to OS X.

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