Adobe tests removing $10/mo photography plan for Lightroom

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Re: Adobe tests removing $10/mo photography plan for Lightroom

Rex Block wrote:

Zeee wrote:

This is from a reliable source

To clarify what happened, Adobe removed the 20GB plan from their website in some locations as a market research test. The test failed in fairly spectacular fashion. This was a test for NEW customers, not a threat to double the price for existing customers. An inflationary price rise is likely at some stage, as it hasn't changed in 5 years, but that's very different to the rumors of prices doubling.

I don't buy that at all. This seems like some fairly aggressive C-Y-A occurring in the marketing department at Adobe. That is not how a company of the size of Adobe does market research. They had to know in advance that this would leak and be seen as an intent to raise the monthly subscription rate to $20.

Also, it is obvious that existing customers would be looking future renewal cost of $20 / month. They can't change current subscriptions, but once they come up for renewal, the cost would almost certainly double.

I'm not sure - the $9.99 plan was always still available and still showed up for some people.  The $9.99 price has been in place for what, 5 years now?  It's bound to go up in price at some point and I'm sure some people will jump ship because of any increase.

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