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Unfortunately, the inexplicable 1 second exposure limit is going to prevent using the feature with a lot of super-macro, micro, and astro photography. Pentax doesn't have this limit with their high res mode, I don't know why Panasonic does.

Putting astro to one side, how does the 1 second exposure limit prevent using high resolution mode for a lot of macro and micro photography?

Isn’t it just a matter of adding more light? I was a bit stuck for a while when I realized I couldn’t use my Profoto strobes with hi-res, but some cheap Fiilex LED’s fixed that problem for me.

I would be interested to learn what it is you’re shooting (and how) that requires greater than 1 second exposure.

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You hit the nail on the head. The problem is lighting in situations where capturing depth is desired. Firstly, the effective aperture at high magnifications can approach f/100 at magnifications as low as 5X with conventional lenses. Even a high quality infinity corrected microscope objective can be around f/50 at 20x. Now you have to manage high intensity lighting, often with a working distance of a few mm. And with image stacking to overcome miniscule DOF, the lighting often has the move with the lens. On top of that, many subjects with complex surfaces require side lighting as well, which may not even be possible without the lens casting shadows, so those areas have to be recovered, but low ISO shots slow down exposure even more.

Imagine trying to get an image of a tiny gem or mineral, or small machine part with mildly reflective surfaces. Even if you could manage intense enough lighting, from all the angles necessary to achieve a 1 second exposure time, reflected light blows out part of the image.

Using appropriate lighting, with ISO 64, often results in 2.5 to 6 second exposure times for many of my images. In some extreme cases, when fluorescent, UV, or IR techniques are involved, 20-30 second exposures are needed.

I suspect the 1 second limit is arbitrary, under the assumption camera shake over longer period, even with a tripod, is impossible to avoid. As I said, Pentax doesn't have this restriction on it's admittedly inferior implementation of high-res. Hopefully a firmware update will remove the 1 second limit.

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