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Re: SR1 high res macro

Keith Cooper wrote:

ZilverHaylide wrote:

Any idea whether reflections caused by lens-sensor interactions will be a problem with single-coated vintage lenses on the S1/S1R? (I have some Super-Takumars that would probably be a pleasure to use in manual focus with the high-resolution EVF of these full-frame Lumix cameras).

And any idea how such late-60s vintage optics, used at optimum aperture, might fare optically in the 187MP pixel-shift mode on the S1R? (Yes, I agree that "diminishing returns" applies, just wondering whether it'd be worth it from a resolution-benefit standpoint. (There could of course still be reduced-moire benefits -- though perhaps not, as such old optics with lower resolution might themselves be acting as a low-pass filter, reducing moire tendencies)).

Haven't tried with the hi-res mode, but this (albeit coated) Zuiko 50/1.2 shows no problems (OM->EF and EF->L adapters)

I should perhaps observe that the 187MP mode has enough 'limitations' that for most applications I suspect the 'basic' 47MP will suffice. The 187MP is something that you have to have reason to use (although fun to experiment with) Then again I'm looking from the POV of a working photographer supplying stuff for clients - many of whom wouldn't know what to make of such huge files

Definitely one for those who believe in the 'slowing down to improve your photography' mantra (I've always seen that as a marketing ploy by tripod makers, but that's another thread... )

Seeing that old Zuiko on the S1R, I'm thinking "If only Panasonic, Sigma, or Olympus would make some modern primes that are relatively-small, affordable, with modern coatings, for the L-mount."

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