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Re: SR1 high res macro

Keith Cooper wrote:

Ken60 wrote:

I was interested to see how Canon EF lenses with adapting , worked compared to OEM lenses, and felt that this 180mp mode might be an interesting test. I have seen a few Hi Res files and did wonder what runs out first, the sensor or the lens at that resolution.

Indeed - the problem is that I don't really have the lenses to do a true like for like comparison.

I tested the S1R with my TS-E24mm mk2 lens, which is pretty good. I was hoping to try the new TS-E50 or 90 both of which are stunningly good even wide open, but Canon couldn't loan me any in time.

Based on what I have tried, the ~187MP mode needs a good support, and outdoors, a still day. I've not been all over the shots I tried but there were no obvious patches of moire. It's quite possible that my TS-E24 (and DOF limits) worked at reducing that with a touch of softness

As I discovered when moving from the 1Ds mk3 to the 5Ds a few years ago (21MP to 50MP) - a rising tide floats all boats. So even my 1962 Tamron twin-tele 135mm (M42 mount) looks better on the 5Ds than the 1Ds3. There isn't really a 'running out', just diminishing returns depending on all kinds of factors.

To really answer these questions requires some exceedingly good glass and a bit more time than I've had available (it all goes back tomorrow)

Also at anything more than say f/4 the image will startto show softening from diffraction (I leave exact calculations as an exercise for those whose should get out more )

In real world photos I'd likely take with the 24mm (architecture) such a wide aperture is likely a bit too narrow a DOF, and also since I'm likely using some shift, I'll want perhaps f/8-11 to allow for using outer parts of the image circle.

With the new Laowa macro lens a bit of softening starts being noticeable on my 5Ds (or the S1R in normal mode) at f/5.6.

When the Laowa 100 is officially launched I've a review that includes detailed test images at a number of apertures (although since it's at 2x macro, they are just the nominal set apertures)

I'll have something written up for the S1R in a few weeks or so (I'm working away a bit over the next few weeks) - I'll mention here when it's done, but DPR really don't like me mentioning URLs unless they are in direct response to other people's questions (fair enough - this isn't a complaint BTW)

Any idea whether reflections caused by lens-sensor interactions will be a problem with single-coated vintage lenses on the S1/S1R? (I have some Super-Takumars that would probably be a pleasure to use in manual focus with the high-resolution EVF of these full-frame Lumix cameras).

And any idea how such late-60s vintage optics, used at optimum aperture, might fare optically in the 187MP pixel-shift mode on the S1R? (Yes, I agree that "diminishing returns" applies, just wondering whether it'd be worth it from a resolution-benefit standpoint. (There could of course still be reduced-moire benefits -- though perhaps not, as such old optics with lower resolution might themselves be acting as a low-pass filter, reducing moire tendencies)).

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