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Re: SR1 high res macro

The -only- limitation (or annoyance really) I've come across in the couple of weeks I've had the camera and lenses is dust. I'm really thinking that having the sensor 'open' when changing lenses is not such a good idea. The sensor picked up (and retained) more tiny specks (visible at f/16) in a couple of weeks than my 5Ds has since 2015

I note that the EOS RP keeps the sensor visible, whilst the EOS R closes the shutter - based on experience of late I'd like the shutter closed when not in use.

Keith you reinforce what I said on day one !

I mentioned that if they remove everything as a barrier from the path and narrow down the depth of the mirror box, you are almost guaranteed to see dust, on the level of the old 5D and worse. I was told it would not be a problem etc etc ....  Not until you return home with 150  images that need polishing for a client in a rush, and everyone looks like it was shot with birdshot.

Having the barrier across the shutter , or as the shutter , means that the mirror box fills up with all the microparticles in the air . WHY can't some genius that can think past the end of their nose not make a blind (or iris)  over the throat of the camera, with a mechanism that retracts for the lens.  If they have ever stood in a town with the wind blowing down the streets , trying to remove one lens whilst holding another for a quick change............. to do this without dropping something, or leaving everything open long enough to guarantee problems later, is a joke.  Good move to Canon for seeing the problem and reacting , but I think it has more room to go .

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