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Re: SR1 high res macro

Tom Caldwell wrote:

James Stirling wrote:

Keith Cooper wrote:

A few more experiments with the SR1 and a new 100/2.8 macro lens and high res mode have convinced me that it's potentially superb...

The 'potentially' refers to the really small DOF you have to work with when using any macro lens wide open. This will limit many, by requiring stacking to get any significant DOF, whilst the lack of motion controller support and more importantly no flash firing when making super-res shots, will just up the difficulty a bit more

I'm not into the bugs/plants/fungi staples of the macro photography world, so you'll have to wait in that area (I'm sure using that 187MP will be taken as a challenge by some ) but here's a super res shot of an old 8255a PIO chip, with a full res crop.

The 16 bit .psd file of this image is ~1.12GB BTW

This was shot using mode 1

Mode 2 allows for a bit of movement, so is better for real world photos

That is some serious detail Keith , not sure I would want to see the more common and more gruesome macro bug shots at this kind of detail I hoped to see some more high res form the S1 as well I did post a thread but never got a lot of replies

It seems that this product (S1/S1R) might be becoming a game-changer product that is only going to be limited by the ideas on what it can be used for.

Tom . the more I see about these cameras the more interesting they get. I do just enough video { mainly with m43 } that the video features of the S1 are sorely tempting . Am I right in assuming that they use the same flash connection as m43 { an excuse about saving some money }

After trying out the Z7 I was/am confirmed to moving to it from Sony. I have been holding off to see if the rumoured Techart FE to Z mount adapter works , as I would love to continue using a few of my Sony lenses on the Nikon. My AF needs are humble so I am hopeful .

I have never been happy with the ergonomics of the Sony bodies and since trying the Z7 model in person the Sony's feel even worse . I am scared to try a S1/R hands on as I think they may be even better. I have been very happy with the ergonomics of Panasonic

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