GRiii or Sony RX 100VI/VA

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MrHollywood wrote:

vallhall wrote:

I would thank everybody for your help. Sony would be my pick

Now...let's say the next year goes by and you find that you've using the Sony under 30mm quite a bit. Maybe the Viewfinder ends up not being a big deal and you don't challenge the AF all that much.

As that point you might consider trading to the GRIII and give that a try.

That's the great thing about photography; we can try different cameras and learn where our style will fit in. I often suggest a zoom to start since many folks aren't sure where they'll end up.

Between the VA and VI, I find the following:

VI has 130mm more reach.

VA has faster optics.

VI has touchscreen and VA does not.

There's no substitute for longer glass just as there's no substitute for fast glass. But generally speaking, a 24-200mm 2.8 - 4.5 isn't exactly slow either. If you think you'll generally have reasonable lighting conditions I think the VI is the way to go. It's better for portraits and people and gets you shots wider glass can't.

Again...between the three it comes down to requirements and taste. ALL deliver high quality images in experienced hands.


Many thanks again

Well,we dont have much resonable lightning in my part of the world, but as i said my GX8 does fine on ISO3200 with its 2.8 lens, so maybe the VI is almost as good?

But the price difference between VA and VI is huge!. Around 1000 USD for the VA and 1500 for the VI

And i wish the VI/VA had the same AF as the new A6400

I dont do portrait, and i dont do selfie/vlogging and video in general....only stills

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