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illd3fined wrote:

vallhall wrote:

Yes, you and the others are realy helpful to me!.

Sorry for my bad englsih!

I live in a country with 6 months winter and darkness, so low light is very importent to me. I have to say even my Panasonic GX8 with the 12.35 2.8), not very fast, does good at ISO 3200, and i expect the GRiii and RX100VA is about the same

no apologies needed!

at ISO 3200 your GX-8 is comparable to the RX100, but the GRIII is ahead by more than a stop (compare at 6400 for example). If you're happy with your ISO now then you should be happy with the Sony. the larger sensor of the GRIII is significantly better for low-light, but it's AF struggles in it, so likely still not worth the tradeoff in your case

Many thanks for the link

Thats the dilemma, glad you point that out!. I want the GRs sensor and the Soyns AF.

On my GX8 the the DFD is always fast and relaible no matter, but i always use single AFS,

The GX8 probalry not a action camera for moving subject.

Decision descison

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