Canon EOS RP sales nosedive in Japan

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Re: I don't think it's surprising

lawny13 wrote:

Lisa Horton wrote:

lawny13 wrote:

But it does perform like a budget camera..

Not really. Go check out a Rebel.

Well. Think you took my meaning in correctly.

The 6D was also a “budget” camera. It’s just that the standard for “budget” FF is different than APS-C.

The term you get what you pay for still applies. A rebel is 300-400 dollars or so? With the RP being 3-4 times more expensive?

The RP sets the new entry level FF for canon (but MILC, with the R being between the 6D and 5DIV (sort of... though it would have been more like a mid level like the 5DIV if it weren’t for the FPS and dual cards deviation).

I see what you're saying.  Good points.

Curious to see if canon actually comes out with a 4 camera body line up instead of a 3 camera line up on the FF market.

Agreed.  I see the crop frame line shrinking soon, with the 7D and 80D converging back into one model as they were up to the 50D.  Curious to see how the FF lineup will evolve.

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