GRiii or Sony RX 100VI/VA

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Re: GRiii or Sony RX 100VI/VA

noshea wrote:

vallhall wrote:


I debatting with myself what camera i should buy. I have to buy based on user reviews, because i live far away from any dealers with these cameraes.

I only view pics on my screens, i dont print!.

I love the EVF on the RX, because i need glasses to use the LCD screens. That said the GR has bigger sensor, but i am not sure if i going to see any difference on my screens?.

I even have problem to tell my GX8 apart from my smartphone on the screens.

Could someone help me here?

Thanks in advance

Given the conditions and context you've stated, I'd say for the Sony. What the GR has to offer above and beyond the Sony you would not appreciate as much, while the GR will never have an EVF, so there's no way around that. The Sony is the more flexible camera, and more than good enough for those that are not viewing or printing their pictures at large sizes.

Many thanks for your time.

Yes, for now the little Sony makes more sence to me. I dont print, and if i was to, i am sure the Sony would do fine for small prints.

The biggest drawback is probarly the handling...or lack of, because the ergonimic suck

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