One of the biggest regrets couples have after their wedding

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Re: One of the biggest regrets couples have after their wedding

Jacques Cornell wrote:

cormierphoto wrote:

The problem nowadays is that wedding photography is being sold for 500$ from people who got a decent camera, shot a few photos at their friend's wedding, are told they did amazing job and get in over their head and think they are now wedding photographers. Blurry images, blue faces, does not matter, an instagram filter on top makes it all better and makes it artistic.

There are a lot of couples out there who also believe that technology is what makes the photographer, and their friend just got a good image of them. Why pay a photographer 4000$ when it's the camera doing the work and the shot outdoors from a 500$ photographer looks great. "Your camera takes good photos" is a comment I often get especially during weddings.

It's funny - I never get this. And, it's not because of my dinky MFT cameras, because I used to shoot two ginormous Canon 1-Series cameras. The comment I most often get in my event work, regardless of what cameras I'm using, is "You're getting great shots." They're not looking at the cameras. They're watching me in action.

Ironically, I was told again yesterday at a gala that my camera takes great photos. I just chuckled.

I get the comment at least once every event or wedding.

I've even been asked as the photographer to take photos of people with their own phones easily about 25 times yesterday. Grainy and pixelated in the dark and shadows everywhere. But phone manufacturers have sold the idea that their phones is as good as a bulky camera these days. Some didn't even want a photo taken by me...

What I have observed throughout events is that people live in the moment and need photos now to post on social media, not a week from the event. A grainy phone picture while at the event is better, than waiting for a professional photo for an event that already happened. In the social media world 24 hours ago is considered part of history, and cameras are seen as the past as well.

After I use their phone, I take a photo of them with my camera which shows how much better my shot is. And people get floored when I pull out my phone, transfer the photo from my dinosaur camera to my phone and send it to them right in front of them by email or Instagram, and tell them they will get the better version later on. I gave away about 20 business cards yesterday using that method.

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