Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

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Re: Sony A7r3 set to Adobe RGB

MarcoE wrote:

my default camera setup for colorspace is Adobe RGB.

i’m looking for a new monitor and really like the workflow on a iMac. The 27inch with integrated pc seams perfect but the 5k screen is not optimized for adobe rgb.

is calibration an option or should i look for a dedicated monitor like the BenQ SW271 or Eizo coloredge serie?

mu output will be online (websites) but also the possability to make large prints (A3, A2)

You can easily calibrate your monitor with X-Rite i1Display Pro

The in-camera color space only refers to Jpeg. Adobe RGB is the best choice for that as the gamut is much larger than sRGB.

Shooting RAW will allow the largest color gamut for editing your images. Many people prefer to edit RAWs in Profoto RGB as it's largest colorspace that most printers can support.

Profoto RGB is a considerably larger color space than Adobe RGB - but if you shot Jpeg you may as well edit in Adobe RGB since you'll never add the gamut back to Jpegs shot in a smaller color space.

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